Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006 Gardening Update

Our long time friend David joined Margaret today for some serious gardening chores.
One chore was taming the sand cherry trees on the north end of the house. They were blocking sunlight to the hostas as well as rubbing on the siding. On the left is "before" and on the right is "after".

The result was a pile of brush. Good thing today is trash collection day!

Margaret got a good deal on 5 arborvitae trees but they did not come with holes. That's where David helps out! (The tomato plants in the back right belong to our neighbor.)

A pot of pretty petunias.

This is one of my favorite flowers, a Stella de Oro day Lilly

The red maple tree surrounded by beautiful "wave" petunias.

Finally, a gorgeous white bloom on a barrel cactus in the front window sill. Margaret really has a green thumb.

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