Monday, June 29, 2009

Sporty Rental

This weekend I left our Toyota Camry at the body shop to be repaired.  On the way to the shop we picked up a rental car to use for the estimated eight business days it will take to fix the Toyota.


The rental is a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix.  Is that red or what?
I had a choice of renting another Camry or this one. That was a no brainer!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fish or Flowers?

Our grandson Jonathan was here for a week a few weeks ago. While he was here he dug two new flowerbeds for Margaret—one along each side of our paved parking spot in front our house. After he returned to Virginia the rains came…and came…and came…


This is the bed on the north side of the parking area


Here is the new bed on the south side of the parking area.
I don’t know if these are for fish or flowers?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This Monday a neighbor backing out of his driveway hit the side of our passing Toyota. I was driving. The good news is that neither myself or my neighbor were injured (no passengers in either car)—PTL! But we now have a Toyota Camry with a banged up passenger side.

Don’t they say most auto accidents happen close to home? I was less than half-a-block from the house.


Passenger side front & rear doors plus rear quarter panel damage. The rear door will not open and the adjuster said to leave it closed. It is likely if we forced it to open it would not close again.


Since this picture was taken I have taped the rough edges so no one gets cut

I have been on the phone for numerous contacts this week with our car insurance company and the neighbor’s. I think it is now all sorted out. The neighbor’s insurance will pay for all of the damages. That means our insurance will waive our $500 deductable. PTL!

The initial estimate is at least $4,000 in damage and eight days to do the repairs. Now we move on the the actual repair process. Sigh…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Margaret on a Motorcycle

Grandma Margaret in visiting daughter Sheri in Virginia. Today she went riding on a motorcycle with Sheri’s brother-in-law, Chris.  Way to go Grandma!

Margaret riding on a motorcycle in front of Sher's iwith daughter Sherri's brother-in-law Chris

Margaret and Chris

Margaret riding on a motorcycle in front of Sher's iwith daughter Sherri's brother-in-law Chris

Margaret riding on a motorcycle in front of Sher's iwith daughter Sherri's brother-in-law Chris

Monday, June 01, 2009

Fishnet 35 Year Reunion

The first time I moved to Front Royal, VA it was due to a company transfer.  (All together I transferred sixteen times in twenty-four years).  After settling in Front Royal I volunteered a lot of time to what was then a new ministry, Fishnet Ministries, Inc.  Fishnet produces Christian teaching and music festivals at their Front Royal location.  In three years I transferred once more and did not get to work with Fishnet again until after I retired (was paid to leave).

From March through August 1993 I commuted each weekend from my home in Ohio to Front Royal in order to volunteer with the ministry again.  That was when I met Margaret who was working full-time for the ministry as Secretary to the President, Larry Andes.  The Lord put Margaret and me together, with help from our mutual friend Donna Ralls (Larry’s sister-in-law and one of my coworkers when I first lived in Front Royal), and we were married that August.

I “bartered” for Margaret by agreeing to work full-time with the ministry for one year in exchange for her.  Larry agreed.  (I figured one year was a bargain versus the Biblical seven years plus it did not involve any sheep.  I also checked first and found out that Margaret’s older sister was already married.)  Margaret and I continued to work at Fishnet another fourteen months and then the Lord moved us on to other ministries.

Last Saturday Fishnet held a 35 year reunion.  We drove down Friday night and were “adopted” by Donna Ralls and her husband, Bill. They let us stay at their house. (That is where I had stayed during my weekends in 1993).  We had a blessed visit with Bill and Donna.

We were at Fishnet all day Saturday for meals, fellowship, worship and praise.  The day’s activities included watching videos of ministry activities throughout the 35 years.  There were also times for attendees to share favorite ministry stories.  Sunday morning we returned for the morning church service.  Bill and Donna then took us to lunch at Cracker Barrel in Front Royal before we headed home.

All in all it was a great weekend. What a blessing to fellowship and worship with old friends.  Darrell Dement, who led the worship and praise sessions, is an anointed musician.  Saturday night, after the sessions were over, no one wanted to leave and we continued singing and praising for another hour.  The Holy Spirit was ministering to each of us.


The main entrance to the Fishnet Ministries offices and the Fishnet Christian Center church.
The weather was gorgeous Saturday!


Memorabilia from past events



Pastor Larry Andes


Margaret, Jane and Jim “Dad” Stevens (Larry’s in-laws and Donna’s parents)


Darrell Dement, who motorcycled all the way from Florida,
led worship and praise Saturday and Sunday


There were lunch and diner buffets for our meals


We had a “Fishnet” cake for desert after diner.


The restaurant where we had lunch Sunday afternoon.
(Rich Hosea, this picture is for you).


Donna Ralls and Margaret on the restaurant porch.


Bill, Donna, Margaret, and me at lunch Sunday

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins