Thursday, June 18, 2009


This Monday a neighbor backing out of his driveway hit the side of our passing Toyota. I was driving. The good news is that neither myself or my neighbor were injured (no passengers in either car)—PTL! But we now have a Toyota Camry with a banged up passenger side.

Don’t they say most auto accidents happen close to home? I was less than half-a-block from the house.


Passenger side front & rear doors plus rear quarter panel damage. The rear door will not open and the adjuster said to leave it closed. It is likely if we forced it to open it would not close again.


Since this picture was taken I have taped the rough edges so no one gets cut

I have been on the phone for numerous contacts this week with our car insurance company and the neighbor’s. I think it is now all sorted out. The neighbor’s insurance will pay for all of the damages. That means our insurance will waive our $500 deductable. PTL!

The initial estimate is at least $4,000 in damage and eight days to do the repairs. Now we move on the the actual repair process. Sigh…

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