Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brother Andrew of Zimbabwe

I am a member of AECC and received this message through that ministry's news group. It was originally sent from Zimbabwe to a fellow AECC minister.

To me, this prayer request was also a reminder of just how blessed we are in this country. Let us pause at this time of special Easter finery and delicious family feasts to lift up our brothers and sisters in the Lord who are called to serve in situations we can barely imagine.

There is one thing life has taught me and that is to depend upon the Lord, It is with great joy that I inform you that we have planted yet a new branch church in the City of Gweru just about 75 kilometers from Torwood Redcliff, apperently Gweru is the Capital of the Midlands Province, last Sunday we had 10 adults in attendence and this Sunday we are expecting more praise the Lord.

Life in Zimbabwe is not getting any better like I said we have learned to live like the Apostle Paul lived, with lack, with much, with suffering: we all find God in all situations. Pray for us as a nation as we approach our elections in the next 9 days. that we will not have a situation like the one that was in Kenya.

Man of God I wish to inform you also that you need to pray for order in our nation for one the reintroduction of real money, we don't have money here all we have is a bearer cheque which is valueless, if one changes say US Dollars into our currency the money really becomes valueless, one needs 10 million to buy a loaf of bread, 150 million to buy a bag of maize meal and this is our main meal but we can not afford any more, like in my case as I speak we have no maize meal no sugar no cooking oil not even salt in my house, now its been 3 days like that and we have no clue as to when we have a decent meal.

Man of God I wish to make this clear to you, when ever I get any funds through the AECC, back here I have people that I lead I make all efforts to split it among the people at least for them to get a meal say for just a day, we have no one who is standing with us only you brethren. Above all God is good. With the best regards Andrew & Thabeth Mapimhidze

Humbly in His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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