Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Exercise Variations

For me, exercising is the most difficult part of my weight loss program. It is just hard for me to get into it.  Most of the time Margaret and I go to the closest mall and walk.  That gets boring after a while.  Today was a nice day weather wise…not oppressive heat and humidity plus there was a nice breeze.  So, we opted to go to Spencer’s Bazaar in Dover.  Spencer’s is a rambling combination flea market and farm market with merchants outside at tables and inside at stalls.  It was a nice change for our exercise.


One of the numerous entrances to the inside offerings


Some of the outside tables


Incase you’re wondering, we did not get anything to eat while we were there

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MeeMee said...

Not only did we not get anything to eat . . . we didn't purchase anything at all. That's a miracle! Of coarse for those who know me, there was lots of glassware and a few Winnie-the-Pooh's. LOL