Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowed In

We had expected to spend Friday night in Lansdale, PA with our friends Sam & Alice Rittenhouse.  That turned into three nights when a snow storm dumped about 12 inches of snow in Lansdale.  It snowed from Saturday morning through early Sunday morning.

Alice and Sam
We were blessed by their hospitality, they made us feel like family. Thank you Sam & Alice!

Margaret took a number of photos after the storm.  You can view a slide show of them here.

The storm dumped twice as much snow at our home in Smyrna, De – 24 inches. Margaret stayed in touch by phone with our neighbor who kept telling us, “Don’t come back yet.”  It was Monday before the streets in our development where plowed but there was still a lot of snow between the road and our front door.  Monday afternoon we decided to go home after our friend Jim Tracy offered to meet us there and help us get into the house.  On the way back we got a call that two other young men from church were also going to come by and help did us out.

All of the roads on the ride home were in pretty good shape.  This was our last turn off of the main highways toward home.

The street into our development.

Margaret talking to Corey Clampitt, on the right, and his son Tony (in red).
Home at last!  Tony and Corey had much of our parking spot done by the time we arrived.

You can see there is still a lot of snow between them and our front door.

Our shovels are in the shed on the left with a snow drift half-way up the door.  I don’t think we’re going to get to them soon!

Jim Tracy showed up and helped finish from our sidewalk to the front door.

Jim brought his dog Baby Girl with him. Margaret helped out by holding her leash.  That worked fine until Baby Girl decided she wanted to explore the show drifts and Margaret tried to keep up with her.

Corey taking a well earned break while Tony takes a turn with their large snow scoop.

Jim, Corey and Tony finishing the last bit up to our front door.

What wonderful unplanned blessings we have enjoyed from our Father during this event: an extended time of fellowship with good friends, Sam & Alice; and the Lord sending us three young men from church at just the right time so we could get back into our home. God is so good to us. PTL!

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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