Thursday, October 05, 2006

Luanda Angola Africa Missionary

Three years ago a missionary from Africa was on a Greyhound bus that stopped at the Elkton truck stop for a rest break.  Rev. Nsingi M. Patricio saw our chapel that day and came in to find out about our ministry.  He was very excited.  It was the first he knew of this kind of ministry to truck drivers.  We had only a brief visit but agreed to keep in touch via email, which we have done since that day.

Rev. Patricio is again visiting the U.S. staying with his friend Ernesto and his family in Laural, MD.  Patricio, Ernesto, and I arranged for us to have lunch together today along with Margaret.  We met at a restaurant just north of Baltimore for a great reunion and fellowship.

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Rev. PatricioRev. Patricio 2

Rev. Patricio


Margaret & Rev. Patricio

Rev. Patrico gave Margaret a beautiful dress from Africa


Rev. Patricio's friend Ernesto

Rev. Patricio lives in Luanda, Angola, Africa.  He recently took a missionary trip to Cafunfo, also in Angola.  Cafunfo is in the heart of the area of fighting during the last 30 years of civil war.  He gave us an album of pictures from that missionary trip.  You can view the album by clicking here.

Please keep Rev. Patricio, his wife and two children in your payers as they build God's kingdom in Angola.  His email is:

In His Name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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