Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Unexpected Blessing

Don't you just love it when God gives you an unexpected blessing? We had one of those blessings yesterday. Ron & Yvonne are a married couple who drive truck together. We first met them when they visited the chapel and have since become friends. Yesterday they delivered a load just a few miles from our house. After unloading they called us and we gave them directions to our house.

Visitors - inside

They are shown above with Margaret at our home.

Their home is in Florida and their work takes them all over the country. They usually don't know in advance where they will be when so visits like this happen on the spur of the moment. God had it all worked out that we were home and available when they were in the area - an unexpected blessing! After visiting at home they invited us to go out to dinner with them.

Their truck

I'm sure the neighbors in our "55 and older" community were wondering what we were doing with a truck outside the house!

Visitors - outside

I didn't plan it that way but they ended up in order: tall; taller; and tallest.

Decal #1

This is a close up of the decal on the side of the sleeper. Ron says it often prompts a response from others.

Decal #2

This is another decal on the passenger side wing window. They also have a lighted cross on the front of the truck. As you can see, they are not bashful about their beliefs and welcome the "devine appointments" that God arranges for them as they travel the countryside.

In His Name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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So neat!!