Saturday, May 12, 2007

Daughter Sheri's Graduation

Our daughter Sheri graduated from the local community college yesterday with a two year degree in Business Administration.  She graduated with honors.

That is quite an achievement when you figure: she is a mom of two boys, the youngest she homeschools; she is a wife; she and her husband, Patrick, run an excavation business from their home.  With all of that, she took her courses at night and via the Internet.  We are sooooo proud of her.  Congratulations Sheri!!!

Her goal now is to continue her education toward a degree in accounting and become a CPA.

Graduation 5

Sheri, second from the left, at the start of the commencement.  There were over 500 graduates.  The ceremony was held in a tent on the college grounds.

Graduation 7

The diploma was presented by the college president.

Graduation 8

Mom was in tears while Sheri was on the platform.  On Margaret's right: her sister, Trudy; grandson Jonathan and his date, Jacklyn.

Graduation 12

l to r: Margaret, son-in-law Patrick, daughter Sheri, grandsons Patrick Sean and Jonathan; John - Sheri's dad

(more pictures)

A special thanks to the two families who covered our costs to travel to Virginia and attend the ceremony.

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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