Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Rest of Our Weekend

Last Friday, after all of the activities related to our daughter's graduation, we went to sister Trudy and brother-in-law Dick's home.  They are gracious enough to let us use their spare bedroom when we are in the area.  It was about 11:00 PM when we got to bed.

We both slept until 11:00 AM Saturday morning!  The past few weeks has been stressful and we finally ran out of steam and slept twelve hours.  Trudy fixed us brunch and we visited with her for a few hours.  Dick was out of town with his tour bus driving job.

Daughter Sheri called in the afternoon and said that her son, our grandson, Jonathan's Junior Prom was tonight and he had requested a special dinner for he and his date, Jacklyn.  The catch was that Sheri and her husband were going to be at a friend's wedding and she couldn't fix or serve the meal.  She did have all of the ingredients on hand.  Of course, Margaret agreed to take care of the dinner.  Margaret borrowed a table cloth and two special glasses from Trudy and we drove to Sheri's house to do the dinner.

Table is Set

The roses were a graduation gift from us to Sheri.  They fit right in with the occasion.

Prom Dinner 3

Jacklyn and Jonathan (It's sparkling cider in the glasses)

Prom Dinner 5

The waitress looks familiar

Tory the Hunter 1

While the kids were having dinner, Tory the cat was trying to figure out how to get into the gerbil's home
(more pictures)

Margaret cleaned up after dinner and we went back to Trudy's house.  Dick was home by then and the four of us went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant they like.

Mexican Dinner

l to r: Dick, Trudy, Margaret and me

Sunday morning we attended church with Sheri and then she took us out to lunch for Mother's day.  After lunch we drove home, unloaded the car, repacked for one night and went to the chapel.  We stayed at the chapel Sunday night because of an 8:00 AM Monday meeting at the chapel plus errands we had to do in the Elkton area.  Monday evening we finally got back home and were able to sleep in our own bed (which we hadn't done since leaving home for the chapel last Wednesday morning).

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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