Friday, January 09, 2009

Margaret's Goose

Canada Geese are a very common sight where we live.  Margaret has never eaten one and asked a friend if he knew a hunter who would be willing to give her one to cook.  It wasn't many days before she got a phone call that there was a goose waiting for us in a cooler on our front porch.



The bird was almost as long as Margaret is tall!  It weighed 11 lbs 8 oz at this point.

I'm a city boy. My meat comes wrapped on styrofoam trays from the grocery store. When Margaret said she had to dress the goose, I expected her to get her sewing machine out.  Instead, our friend Jim Tracy volunteered to help her get the bird ready.





This is what we ended up with. It should be good eatin' this weekend!

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins


Doris High said...

I'm anxious to hear how it tastes. I've eaten farm-raised geese, but never a Canada goose.

Anonymous said...

Now you can say you're a farm boy!! Did you save the "goose down" feathers for your pillows? Ha ha
Hopefully he won't be a "tough old bird". Enjoy!! Let us know your impression of taste. Oh, use the liver to make pate - and you can keep that all to yourselves.

Kevin Hosea said...

Sounds like Margaret is really going to have her goose cooked, ha,ha. She knew how to dress a goose? Yum, yum.