Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I’m Back!

I have not been posting or doing much more than email on the net for quite a while.  The hard drive on my laptop crashed and I have had limited internet access.  Even when I can get on via someone else’s computer, I don’t have all of the software I normally use, including my favorite blogging software, Windows Live Writer, and Digsby for twitter and IM.  (Thank the Lord I had already moved to web based email!)

Right now I have temporary custody of an eMachine laptop from a truck driver friend, Ron.  He purchased it this summer with Vista already installed.  He gave it to me to upgrade to Windows 7 for him. Now he has decided to just leave it at our house as this is the only place he has [free] internet access plus he doesn’t want it to get banged around in the truck during the week.  So, I have set up an account on his machine for me and am installing some software.

With the Lord’s help I continue to do great on my weight loss.  I have now lost 74 pounds which puts me at 293 pounds.  That has reduced my waist size by 8 inches.  Margaret had kept one previous sized clothes which is what I’m wearing now.  A few more inches and I’m going to be out of clothes that fit.  Then its off to Salvation Army and Goodwill to get some temporary stuff to tied me over.  The plan is still to be down to 200 pounds by Christmas 2010.

I have already gained some health advantages from the weight loss.  My blood pressure and cholesterol are now normal. PTL!  Also, I have not had any vertigo attacks for at least three months.  I believe the cessation of the vertigo is an indication that my sleep apnea is becoming less severe.  Margaret says I appear to be sleeping much more soundly.

In addition, my doctor has agreed to let me stop all of my prescriptions.  I have blood work done again in three months to confirm that decision.  Of course I am taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

God is good!

In His Name,
Chaplain Sam

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Chaplain Howard Moses said...

Way to go!!! Keep it up. We continue to pray for the both of you.

Howard and Angie