Thursday, July 28, 2011


We have two kittens, Peregin “Pippin” Took ,and Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck. Pippin is an 11 month old 12 pound male. Merry, despite her name, is female, 10 months old and about 8 pounds. Technically, Merry is Merry II. Pippin and Merry I were litter mates we got from a friend. Merry I had to be put down shortly after we got her because of a birth defect – a perforated bowl. We quickly replaced her with rescued Merry II, aka “Squirt”.

Pippin and Merry I were still on the bottle when we first got them. Pippin, aka “Pip”, is a gray short-hair with a white blaze on his throat. Merry I was jet black. Merry II is a yellow long hair with white socks.

Pip takes after me, over-weight and lazy


He has two favorite activities: eating and sleeping.

Despite our similar dispositions, Pippin has adopted Margaret as his servant and Merry me.
Yes “servant”. You don’t know that dogs have masters but cats have staff?

Pip is very outgoing and eagerly checks out all visitors to our home, be
they 2- or 4-legged. Merry is more shy and cautious.

Merry was born with her spring wound too tight. She is a playing machine,
and our resident cat burglar. She can easily open drawers, cabinets, and etc, looking
for items to run off with for play. You have to be careful what you set down near her,
she is likely to grab it and run off with it before you know what happened. Size of the item
is not a issue. She has made off with items as large, or larger, then she is,
i.e. - stuffed animals, Margaret’s feather duster, and etc.

Merry with the feather duster when she was only a few months old

Merry playing with one of the cat toys.

Most of the time she has to play alone. Pip is usually too lazy to join in.
He also gets upset when she pesters him too much while he’s napping.
Being much larger than her, he can get pretty rough with her if she gets on his nerves.

You can see our photo album of Pippin, Merry I, and Merry II here.

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