Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trip To The Delaware State Fair 7/25/11

I didn’t realize it had been nearly a year since I posted to this blog! I’ve gotten lazy just posting pictures and comments to Facebook. We’ll, I’m back, at least for now!

Yesterday Margaret and I made our annual trip to the Delaware State Fair. One thing about Delaware, nothing is very far away. It’s only about a 30 minute trip for us to get the the fair grounds. Yesterday was the day for us to go partly because it was Seniors’ Day—we got in for free. There are some good things about being a senior! :-)

We arrived about 11:30 and our first objective was lunch at the Grange


Margaret in front of the Grange dinning hall


Margaret had the fried chicken platter (right), and I had the ham platter. Good stuff!

Next we went though the wildlife exhibit and then on to Margaret’s favorite stop, the peeps in the fowl exhibit.




This farm girl was right at home!

Next we were off to the 4-H exhibit hall


This is about 1/2 of the Place Setting entrants


Our favorite Place Setting exhibit was a 1st place winner, the Blue Bunny Willow


We loved the rabbit ear napkins


Among the numerous science exhibits was this one about the affects
of various styles of music on plant growth


Apparently they didn’t include Southern Gospel music in the experiment


Just a small portion of the equipment on display.
The two items in the bottom right, with the chimneys, are outdoor wood/corn furnaces.


There are small garden plots throughout the grounds. This one includes a waterfall and pond.


We had to stop at the farm animal petting area which included this miniature horse
(included for our friend Elaine)


Next to the peeps, the baby pigs are Margaret’s favorites


This was one of the vendors in the Marketplace under the grandstand.
We had to get pictures of this for our daughter Sheri who LOVES all things purple!


The Purple products


Some of the craft exhibits in the Dover Building


More crafts


Our very own Smyrna Citizens Hose Company volunteer band parades through the grounds each evening at 7 PM


Our last stop of the day was the Ice Skating Club’s presentation of Peter Pan
(click the image to watch a video of the closing number)

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