Monday, May 22, 2006

A Big Praise the Lord!

Exciting news!!
As most of you know, this past February Margaret had a one-car accident.  She was not injured but there was an estimated $6,000 damage to the car.  Then we found out that our automobile insurance would not apply to the repairs. (Click here for more details.)
For missionaries like us there is no practical difference between $6K and $6M dollars.  We did not have the money to have the car repaired.
The exciting news is that during the past 3 months God has prompted numerous individuals and organizations to contribute to our "car repair fund" and we now have the $6,000 for the repairs!  PTL!  Plus two sources have told us that if the repair costs exceed the initial estimate they will help make up the difference.
The body shop has ordered the parts and begun the repairs.  I will post pictures soon!
God is so good!  A big thank you to each and everyone who contributed and/or prayed for this situation.
In His Name,

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