Monday, May 29, 2006

Recent Photos

Margaret got up early this morning to do some gardening before it got too hot outside. Later in the morning I went out to see what she had done with the plants we got yesterday at a local garden center. In the above picture she is mulching around the corkscrew willow tree in our front yard. The screen is to protect the tree from the rabbits who love to eat the new leaves.

Sand Cherry trees and hostas along the west end of our house.

Petunia's that Margaret planted this morning around a baby red maple tree.
The screen is to protect the tree from the rabbits.

Part of Margaret's plant "nursery"

.More of the nursery

This morning (5/28/06) Margaret planted celosia in the flower boxes at the entrance.

A close up of one of the flower boxes.

Margaret mulching our corkscrew willow tree.

This is a maple tree that Margaret planted a couple of years ago.

Margaret took this picture of a sunset at Rehobeth Beach while there witha women's retreat.

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