Monday, September 18, 2006

Muskegon, MI Monday, 9/18/06

TFC's answer to NASCAR racing!
The chaplains from each region are competing against each other to determine the region's champion. At the end of the conference there will be a playoff to decide the overall winner. Chaplain Tom Kramer was the North East Region winner!
Each chaplain propels his matchbook car by blowing through a stray at the back of the car. The first car to go the length of two tables wins.

This was the South East Region competition. Chaplain Jim, on the right, lost to Chaplain Mike despite an early lead. Mike ended up as the SE champ.

John Schmid provided the music for worship again this morning. Chaplain John Mitchell was the moderator for the day.

Chaplain Ted Keller assisted John by leading some of the singing.

There is a break room across the hall from our meeting room where refreshments are available between sessions.

Tables have been set up in the back of our meeting room to display items for the silent auction fund raiser to be held Wednesday night.

Everyone was asked to bring a picture of themselves from the 1950's. The pictures are spread out on a table and we are to guess who is in the pictures. That's Laura "momma Laura" Hurtle, wife of Chaplain Dave Hurtle, in the red jacket.

Today we got to meet the Russian chaplain and his wife. Left to right, Victor Kvash, the interpreter, Lydia and Chaplain Peter who serve on one of the Russian chapels, and Murray Scott, International Director.

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