Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muskegon, MI Tuesday, 9/19/06

Gary Nussbaum led the praise and worship this morning.
Trisha Hoy provided the accompaniment.
TFC President Scott Weidner opened the first session of the day with prayer.
Pastor Dave (Dr. David Martin) completed his six session, three day series "Hermeneutics Extraordinaire". It was an awesome and fun course!
Brandi Moses, daughter of Howard and Angie, takes a turn at watching Emma Landis so Emma's mom, JJ, can have a break.

A popular leisure time activity is jigsaw puzzles. (left to right: Gertie Thomas, Sally Van Horn, and Peg O'Hare)

After Dr. Martin completed his seminar we had business meetings the rest of the morning and afternoon. Dinner time was for unwinding and Chaplain San Yuen is showing his wife Lucille how to lighten up.

The evening session was devoted to TFC's Russian ministry. Howard Jones, who was involved in the initial entry to Russia, opened the session with reflections and prayer.

Trisha Hoy and her sister Joy were instrumental in the effort to raise funds to bring a chaplain and wife team from Russia to attend this year's conference. Here she is reading a letter from Joy to the attendees.

The Russian ministry presented two trays to Trisha, one for her and one for her sister, to thank them for their assistance. (Left to right: Murray Scott, International Director; Trisha Hoy; Victor Kvash, translator; and Russian Chaplain Peter Vaprov)

After the presentation Peter shared praise reports about what had been happening on the Russian chapels.

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