Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muskegon, MI Wednesday, 9/20/06

Today was a rest day with no work sessions scheduled. Before we all went off to various activities we had a prayer for TFC staff members who are currently dealing with serious issues in their lives. Check the Prayer Blog for details.

The Elkton chaplains opted to visit the local mall. It had been raining this morning and as we arrived at the mall we saw one of God's beautiful rainbows.

The first stop in the mall was the NASCAR shop for Chaplain David Hoy who is a big fan. Above is Trisha and David Hoy in the store.

The entire TFC Elkton Staff at the mall (left to right: David Hoy, David Weaver, Trisha Hoy, Margaret Houchins, Linda Kramer, Sam Houchins, and Tom Kramer)

Back at the conference center after dinner we had a 1950's party. Chaplain Jason and Shannon Nussbaum came in appropriate dress.

On the right is Office of Chaplain team leader Bunny O'Hare interviewing "Flex" a prospective volunteer chaplain (Chaplain Jim Harkless) - he didn't get the job.

One of the evening's activities was a contest to select the best hoola-hoop player. Shown above are (left to right) Doris High, Karen and Scott Weidner. Behind them you can see Angie Moses the MC for the night.

Another contest involved all Lead Chaplains. Each was given a paper plate with a piece of bubble gum covered with whipped cream. The first one to retrieve the bubble gum and blow a bubble was the winner. Pictured above are Chaplain David Hoy and Chaplain George Freeman.

There I am chewing the bubble gum. The winner was Chaplain Tom Kemp.

The last competition was the race car finals to determine the overall winner. Our own Chaplain Tom Kramer raced Chaplain Mike Hayden. Tom lost this race and Mike went on to beat all competition to become the overall champion.

Tomorrow it is back to work again!

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