Thursday, November 30, 2006

Contemporary Worship

I have experienced some contemporary worship services that I thought were excellent times of worship.  I've also been in some that seem to be all about emotion but lack any serious content - what I think of as entertainment, not worship.  The Mosaic church, in California (where else?) is, I believe, of the former type.  They are contemporary in worship style but also provide sound teaching packaged for the younger generations (which from my perspective anymore seem to make up most of the population!)

Mosaic video tapes many of their Sunday services and make them available on the Internet as video podcasts.  The podcasts are about an hour in length so they are large video files - 200+ MB each.  I have posted the latest Mosaic service on the web.  This one is a summary of a series of previous messages they offered titled "Life's Toughest Questions".  No doubt the content of this service would be even more meaningful if you had viewed each of the services in the series.  Even so, I believe this video is an excellent illustration of how it is possible to be culturally relevant without compromising the message of the Gospel.

I posted the video file (MPG4) on Pando because of its large size.  You will need to follow the easy instruction to install Pando on your computer to download the file.  Pando does not pose a risk for spyware, adware, or etc., nor does it do anything nasty to your computer.  Even with the Pando high-speed file transfer it will take you a while to download but I believe it is worth the time.  The alter call at the end of the service is especially anointed.

Click on "Requires Pando" in the graphic below if you do not yet have Pando installed.

To start the download click on the "download" button in the graphic below.  (If you don't see the graphic or have trouble then then click here.)

Pando Package

I am very interested in your comments after viewing the service.  Come back to this page and click on COMMENTS below to tell me what you think of the service.

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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