Saturday, November 25, 2006

Strasburg, VA

Friday afternoon Margaret and I drove to Strasburg, VA to attend a surprise 40th anniversary celebration for our friends Bill and Donna.  Their sons' families, Joey & Dean, organized the event which was held at the Hotel Strasburg.


Hotel Strasburg

The hotel where the celebration was held and where we stayed Friday night.


Bill and Donna were completely taken by surprise.  They had no idea what was planned.


Sons Dean (stripped shirt) & Joey, with their spouses greet Bill & Donna

You can see the rest of the pictures from the celebration here.

We had made arrangements for a late checkout on Saturday so we could sleep in the next morning.  Our daughter Sheri and grandson Patrick Sean then joined us for lunch at the hotel

Margaret & Sheri

Sheri is on the prayer list because of an as yet undiagnosed major problem with her autoimmune system.  Praise the Lord she was experiencing only minor pains today!

Grandson Patrick Sean

Grandson Patrick Sean

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