Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cow Town, NJ

Margaret & I, Chaplain Tom & Linda Kramer, and Chaplain David Weaver went to NJ yesterday to attend a TFC banquet. On the way to the banquet we go past Cow Town, NJ. Cow Town is an awesome place to spend an afternoon, especially on such a gorgeous day as we had yesterday.

Cow Town is an eclectic mixture of vendors and food stands scattered throughout a large site which includes various buildings and open-air stalls. It is sort of a giant flea market and yard sale.

Cow Town New Jersey

The main entrance to the largest building.

The TFC Elkton Crowd

Left to Right: Linda Kramer; Chaplain David Weaver; Margaret; and Chaplain Tom Kramer

Outside Vendors

One of the many outside areas with vendors along either side

Inside Vendors

Typical of the areas inside the buildings

Cow Town is open every Tuesday and Saturday. In the summer they host professional rodeo in an arena on the site. I can remember going to the rodeo when I was a kid. Now we take our grandkids to see the rodeo when they come to visit in the summer time.

In His name,
Chaplain Sam Houchins

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callylilly said...

Love your blog about Cowtowm in New Jersey. It is also one of my favorite hangouts on a nice day! I added a link to my article.